• Made of top-quality ABS resistant to UV rays
  • Liner version comes with brass inserts, two white MEGOL® gaskets, a robust flange and SS screws
  • The prefabricated pool version comes with a reinforced nut and a gasket for fixing on wall
  • The internal clamping hooks will ease the installation aIlowing installation from a single side
  • Connections M 2” e F 50mm internal
  • Multi-flow sphere, pre-marked with diameters 14, 20 and 25mm
  • Return flow: 3 m3/h, 5 m3/h o m3/h
  • Adjustable ball tighteners
  • Oscillanting bottom inlet in ABS with adjustable flow, for gluing inside 63 PN10 pipes (PN16 available)



Return inlet
Suction inlet
Geyser inlet
Bottom inlet

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