Water line Srl was founded in 1990 in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia), prompted by an insight on the part of Roberto Marchetti and Walter Fanelli. This insight arose from the clear intention to establish a business characterised by a wide range of products innovation, aimed exclusively at professionals in the Water sector and able to accompany them and become a distributor and partner for their business.

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A benchmark
in the sector

It took Waterline Srl just a few years to build a benchmark reputation in the water treatment components sector, manufacturing and distributing products for leading Italian and international companies.

Over the years, the original insight has evolved into the on-going pursuit of innovation and quality and growing investments both in advanced technology and in the creation of a highly trained, impassioned team.

Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource as a result of both demographic and climate trends at global level. This is why we believe that working on treatment solutions for the improvement of water is not only a significant challenge and responsibility, but also a huge opportunity.


Here at Waterline we’re continually on the lookout for effective, innovative solutions to improve water quality, and we undertake to provide professional operators with top-quality devices used to make water suitable for all uses, wherever it’s required.



We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards what we do, because we seek to improve the quality of water, an increasingly essential resource.



We always strive for the highest possible level of reliability, thanks to a careful selection of products and the use of advanced manufacturing technologies.



We endeavour to come up with solutions that are always aligned with the demands of the market, attempting to stay one step ahead of trends.


Customer care

We listen every day to what our customers have to say, because satisfying their every need is a priority for us.



We believe in lifelong learning and the continual acquisition of skills and experience, also by identifying new opportunities for development and investment.



We put passion into what we do, and we’re profoundly convinced of the value of our work.